Belen Jesuit is committed to preparing its students to be leaders in a twenty-first century global society and thus provides its students and teachers with the technology to develop and teach the necessary skills. We strive to afford our educational community the essential conditions for technology to fulfill its promise in education—shared vision, 获取硬件和软件, 专业发展, 技术援助, 内容和技术标准, 课程资源, 以学生为中心的教学, 评估, 以及社区支持.

电子游戏靠谱官网耶稣会必须让学生为他们将要居住的世界做好准备, 计算机知识和技术技能不是可有可无的. 作为教育者, the responsibility falls on us to help our students learn to use technology effectively and ethically. This technological literacy is best learned when students are engaged in authentic learning and 评估 on a device that they can access anytime and anywhere.

Belen chose the iPad as the 太l to enrich and support its rigorous college preparatory curriculum.  该项目始于2012-2013年,所有6年级到12年级的学生都收到了一台iPad, 每两年更新一次.  The initiative brings information to our students' fingertips and provides limitless opportunites for learning as teachers can extend the walls of their classrooms.

iPad提供了将教育与技术和创造力结合起来的机会.  除了学校批准的应用程序外,所有课程都使用电子文本和电子书.  iPad不能替代熟练的教学和高质量的内容, 而是二十一世纪的教育工具.  Belen students will be better prepared for college and the work world where technology touches everything.
Belen Jesuit Empowers Students with the Essential Skills to Thrive and Lead at the College Level.
——夫人. 维拉



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如需支持,请与技术团队联系 support@ourjenericjournal.com.

iPad 1:1计划的好处/目标

  • 为学生提供全天候的实时信息
  • Alleviate the textbook and heavy bags load by adopting e-books and/or re-designing the curriculum without traditional textbooks
  • 提高学生学习的动力和热情
  • 促进创造性学习
  • 提高学生在学习过程中的参与度——从被动学习转向主动学习



  • Q. 那么为什么iPad和其他设备不同呢?

    技术委员会比较了10多种平板电脑, laptops and notebooks ranging from the iPad to the Kindle to the MacBook to the IBM Lenovo Thinkpad. 他们比较了这些设备的价格, 高度, 宽度, 深度, 重量, 显示尺寸, 显示颜色, 电池寿命, 存储, 内存, DVD驱动器, 港口, 电子书阅读器功能和flash支持. 经过多次讨论和辩论, a consensus was reached that the Apple iPad was the most suitable device that would support the top 5 benefits/goals noted by the committee members at the best price point and with the longest 电池寿命 (10 hours).
  • Q. 学生可以在学校给ipad充电吗?

    iPad被要求每天都在学校充满电. 不提供充电站. 学生应该养成通宵充电的习惯.
  • Q. 学校将如何处理设备的物理损坏?

    AppleCare+ for iPad extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPad and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, 每个都要收取服务费. 任何iPad损坏必须通过电子邮件向技术部报告 support@ourjenericjournal.com. All repairs including cracked screens must be handled through the 技术 Department. Do not visit an Apple Retail Store Genius Bar for a repair unless authorized by the Belen Jesuit 技术 Department. 不遵守此政策将导致50美元的罚款.00 iPad配置费.
  • Q. 如果iPad丢失或被盗怎么办?

    学生需要承担丢失或被盗iPad的全部费用. 学生们必须掌握自己的ipad. 确保自己iPad的安全是学生的责任. The iPad should never be left unattended anywhere; this includes the halls, 中央天井, 自助餐厅, 健身房, 更衣室, 字段, 咖啡馆Belen, 图书馆, 教室或停车场没有上锁. The iPad should be secured in a locker or locked classroom while the student is attending extracurricular activities.
  • Q. 我的学生可以使用他选择的案例吗?

    学生必须使用学校提供的iPad保护套. Students can place school appropriate stickers on the case to personalize it and distinguish it from others.
  • Q. iPad会取代所有的教科书吗?

  • Q. 教师将如何在课堂上使用iPad?

    The short answer is that teachers will use the iPad as a 太l to enrich student learning, 基于21世纪的教学模式. 它的用途之一将是在教室的四面墙之外获取信息, 分析:分析各种来源的材料, 传达学生的发现和结论, 并与其他学习者互动. iPad是一个类似粉笔的额外工具, 液晶投影仪, 网上的成绩, 还有很多其他资源可以提高学生的学习能力.
  • Q. 每节课都会用到iPad吗?

    在课堂上使用iPad将由老师决定. 当然会有使用传统纸张和铅笔的时候. It is like any 太l we use in our classrooms, and there is nothing that we use 100% of the time.
  • Q. 学生可以购买游戏吗?? 学校会对学生的ipad进行什么样的管理呢?

    学生只能从iPad上的应用程序目录中下载应用程序. The iPad is an educational 太l intended to facilitate teaching and learning in the 21st century; our goal is to better engage students in the learning process. 教育的创新和相关性是耶稣会教育的标志. We have put the aforementioned restrictions in place based on our experience over the past three years and in response to our faculty and parents' input and requests. The goal is to remove potential distractions to the educational process and teach responsible use of the iPad.
  • Q. What happens if my student downloads 太 many expensive apps without my permission; apps unrelated to school work? 我能退那些东西吗?

    All of Apple’s app sales are final, so it is essential that you discuss this with your son. 如果你的学生目前正在从iTunes下载歌曲或视频, 很可能你们已经讨论过这个问题了. 苹果id可以在没有信用卡的情况下创建. You can also set up an allowance-type account and/or use Apple iTunes gift cards for app purchases. 有关Apple ID的信息可以在http://www上找到.苹果.com/support/苹果id/ 
  • Q. 网上有不合适的内容. 有任何类型的过滤吗?

    靠谱电子游戏官网 has web filtering active to prevent inappropriate content and malicious web content on the devices.
  • Q. 如果我的学生丢失了他或她的数据会发生什么?

    电子游戏靠谱官网耶稣会不会有你学生数据的备份. The easiest option is to use iCloud to backup all the data on the iPad at least once a week, 或者在您选择的任何间隔(注意:如果他丢失数据, 备份将只恢复到备份时间的所有内容, 因此,在此期间添加或更改的任何内容都将丢失). 要了解iCloud备份如何工作,请访问 http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203977#icloud.  对于专门保存文档,图片或演示文稿,我们推荐谷歌驱动器.
  • Q. 那备份信息呢? 可以放在学校网络上吗?

    Each student is expected to back up his own information in a timely fashion via iCloud or GoogleDrive.
  • Q. 哪些活动或内容是禁止在教室里进行的?

    一般的规则是,如果有学生应该做的事情, 那他们就该这么做. 如果班级在研究什么, then that’s what all students should be doing; if students are on their own time, 然后他们可以选择把时间花在什么上. Just as a student can get a penance hall for being disruptive in class or listening to their music instead of their teachers, they can get a detention for doing something on their iPad other than what they should be doing.
  • Q. 孩子们不是已经过度接触科技和社交媒体了吗?

    We are aware of the dangers associated with overexposure to technology and social media. 作为教育工作者和家长,我们的工作是确保学生了解这些危险, 太, 成为移动和计算设备的智能用户. 你的学生的老师会在这方面提供帮助, 但是父母在这方面扮演着重要的角色. 教师将接受培训,学会在正确的时间使用正确的工具. 有时把笔放在纸上或翻动书页是有意义的, 无论是纸质页面还是电子页面. 有时候倾听或小组讨论也很重要. 有时候,使用iPad来寻找最佳答案是必要的, 综合成堆的信息, 创造一些动态的东西来帮助改变我们的世界. 我们还想创造一个公平的竞争环境,没有数字富人和穷人. The iPad program goal is to ensure that every student has the necessary digital 太ls to aid his or her education and growth.
技术 can become the "wings" that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before--if we allow it.
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靠谱电子游戏官网 was founded in 1854 in Havana, Cuba by Queen Isabel II of Spain.  The task of educating students was assigned to the priests and brothers of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), whose teaching tradition is synonymous with academic excellence and 精神上的 discipline.  In 1961, the new political regime of Cuba confiscated the School property and expelled the Jesuit faculty.  The School was re-established in Miami the same year, and over the next decade, continued to grow.  今天, 电子游戏靠谱官网耶稣会坐落在戴德县西部30英亩的土地上, 离迈阿密市中心只有几分钟的路程.